Geeta Jyoti B.Ed. College

Code of Conduct


A- Students must contribute to the high tone of the college by their manners and general behavior.

B- They must be polite, respectful, honest and truthful.

C- They must be orderly, neat & clean in their person and habits and neatly dressed in the correct college uniform.

D- They must maintain absolute silence in Assembly in the College and on the way to the class rooms etc.

E- They must be careful of college and others property. Any damage done to The college or any other person will have to be made good.

F- No fines or collections for any purpose may be made without the prior sanction of the Principal.

G- No students should leave the class without the permission of the teacher concerned.

H- Immorality, insubordination and contempt of authority are sufficient reasons for immediate expulsion from the college.

I- A student may be asked to leave the college on grounds of indiscipline, unsatisfactory progress in work and irregular attendance.

J- No child is allowed to bring a mobile phone to the college otherwise it may be confiscated.

K- It is compulsory for students to participate in college functions, Sports, Culture and Literary activities. For at least one function, per year, the student will have to get a dress or a costume made, as per requirement.

L- No Jewellery is to be worn (except a wrist watch) and no makeup of any kind is to be used. Nails are to be kept trim & hair tied back. Boys are instructed to keep their hair short.

M- The college does not accept responsibility for loss of books, money, Clothes and other items belonging to the students. Each students is responsible for his/her belongings.


A- Every student is expected to be regular in attendance. He/ She should be punctual and in time for the general Assembly. Late comers will be sent back or punished. If student’s attendance is not up to 75% in the academic year he/she might not be given promotion to the next class.

B- No student should leave the college premises without the written permission of the Principal.

C- All leave applications must bear the signature of the parents or in their absence, signature of local guardians who are responsible for the students.

D- All leave applications for leave of absence from the class are to be addressed to the Class Teacher. Leave applications for medical reasons or leave beyond two days are to be addressed to the Principal.

E- A student returning to college after suffering from a contagious disease must present a doctor’s certificate permitting him/her to attend college.

F- Unreported absence for feasts, weddings, birthdays and pleasure trips etc. shall render the student liable for dismissal.


The College has well equipped Laboratories for professional courses to facilitate experimental work. All students are expected to follow the rules framed by the concerned authorities.


There is a spacious library for B.Ed and D.El.ED students in the College, housed in a very big hall in a serene atmosphere. It has a vast collection of books along with prescribed books. There is a well-equipped Reading Room with magazines, Journals, periodicals and "Dailies" for enlightening the students with day-to-day affairs of the world.

1) Only regular students will be permitted to become a member of library of the College.

2) The books will be issued for one week to each student.

3) Only one book will be issued at a time to a student.

4) If a student wants to keep the book for more than one week, He/She she must get it reissued for the next one week again.

5) Reference books will not be issued to the students.

6) The books must be returned within the prescribed time.

7) If the book is not returned within the prescribed time, the students will be charged a fine of Rs. 10/- per day as late fee. If a particular book is delayed in being returned continuously for three times, the membership of that student will be cancelled.

8) The book should not be marked by any student by pen, pencil etc. If this rule is violated, the membership of that student may be cancelled.

9) The book will be returned back in the same condition as it was received. If that book is torn or damaged in any way, the total cost of the book will be charged from the student.

10) If the book is lost or is not returned in any case, the total cost of the book will be charged from the student.

11) Every student must obtain a "no-dues certificate" from the Librarian at the time of receiving admit card, marks sheet or before withdrawing the studentship from the College.

12) The membership may be cancelled , if the student fails to maintain silence inside the Library.

13) The membership may be cancelled, if the student makes the library dirty in any manner or if he/she takes lunch, chews Pan/Pan Masala or smokes Inside the Library.

14) Only bona-fide students will be allowed entry in the Library.

15) Gossiping is strictly prohibited in the Library.

16) The rules and regulations of the Library must be observed by all the students.

17) Student membership card is not transferable and rules/orders issued by the Librarian from time to time will have to be followed by the students.